Cancellation Policy

From Dec 15 to Jan 15, CANCELLATION fee is 100% for less than 14 days notice.
No exceptions.
Cancellation Fee Jan 16 to Dec 14
7 days prior to arrival 100% Cancellation Fee
More than 7 days prior to arrival 50% Cancellation Fee
More than 14 days prior to arrival 0% Cancellation Fee
Please note the Cancellation fee is for any reason. 
All Cancellations must be sent to in order to be confirmed

Local Collision Damage Waiver Details

The local coverage for damage to our vehicle is 30 Euros per day, this provides coverage for any damage over 2,995€, any damage less than 2,995€ will be charged to the credit card on file for the rental.

If you plan to use the coverage provided with your Amex or US based Visa/MasterCard, please be aware that we will charge your card for the damage and they will at the end of their investigation reimburse you for the charges.  We will supply pictures, details and invoices as requested by your insurance company for the claim.

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